The area around Pinedale has many fine Stillwater fishing opportunities. There are 1,300 lakes in the Bridger Wilderness as well as 10 lakes within a short drive from Pinedale.These lakes which can be fished from shore or with a variety of watercraft hold some fine Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Cutthroat, California Golden and Lake trout. A few of the lakes contain Montana grayling.

Fremont Lake

Fremont Lake


A Happy Fisherman and Halfmoon Lake

Meadow Lake - Fly fishing Wyoming

Meadow Lake

Meadow Lake located a short distance from Pinedale holds Montana grayling and is used by the Wyoming Game & Fish for harvesting eggs which are used to stock lakes all over North America.  Grayling are easily recognized by their large dorsal fin that looks somewhat like that of a sailfish. Grayling feed heavily on natural insects, especially when floating, but they will also hit a nymph patterns.  The surface action presents a delightful experience for the fly fisher. When a grayling comes to a floating fly, its dorsal fin and head will surface, projecting a V-like wake in the water. This is where your angling skills come into play. Be patient, a grayling will look before he leaps.

They are slow, but deliberate strikers. They like to move in close, take a good look at your drifting fly before they take it. Because a grayling can be seen, before it takes a fly, it causes anglers to miss the hook set. To hook grayling on dry flies with consistency, let the fish nibble on the fly for a couple seconds, then just lift the rod tip and tighten up the line. When setting your dry fly in this manner, you will have a grayling doing its water dance on the end of your line.


Two Rivers Emporium offers fishing trips to Meadow and other local lakes throughout the fishing season. May and June are particularly good months to fish for hungry Lake trout and Montana grayling. SEE PRICING