Mike Kaul - Two Rivers Emporium Mike Kaul, a western Wyoming native, started fly fishing at age 8 under the tutelage of his grandfather on the renowned Green and New Fork Rivers. He has taken every opportunity in the past 48 years to cast a fly to wily trout that inhabit the many streams around Pinedale, which flow from the Wind River Mountains. Mike has studied and practiced the craft of fly fishing and has introduced the sport to many individuals over the years. He is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified casting instructor and conducts a fly fishing school in the Pinedale.

Mike specializes in wade fishing and enjoys working with beginners, introducing them to the delights of stalking trout along a beautiful stream bank. He feels the ultimate fly fishing experience is moving along a pristine trout stream, finding a shy trout, choosing the right fly, making the correct approach, executing a well placed cast, seeing the bubble and feeling the tug of a feisty trout on the line. Fishing with Mike you will learn a lot about wade fish tactics and most important enjoy the magnificent solace of a high mountain trout stream.

Robyn Grassell

Robyn Grassell

Robyn was raised in Pocatello, Idaho and moved to western Wyoming in 1987. The pristine landscape, open spaces and crystal clear streams spurred Robyn's love of the great outdoors and provided her with opportunity to pursue her passion working with horses. She moved to Sublette County in 1993 and discovered the beautiful basins in the northern Wyoming Mountain Range and the Upper Green River Valley offered her ample room to hone her riding skills which include barrel racing, team roping and training horses. As she traversed this area that contains many fine rivers, streams and lakes it was not long before Robyn was drawn to the sport of fishing and she admits some of her best memories are of the fishing trips she and her husband have taken in the Wind River Mountains. Robyn feel in love with fly fishing and at the urging of a friend who owned Two Rivers Emporium she began an additional career as a fishing guide in 1994. Blending her skills as a local cowgirl and river guide Robyn is able to offer her clients a unique trip experience filled with local color and excellent fishing opportunities. Robyn is a patient instructor and her "laid back" style of guiding is very popular, especially with couples who are out to experience a relaxing, but successful day of fishing on the river.


Brad Hartley

Brad Hartley was born and raised in the Rocky Mountain West, fishing most of it from Canada to Mexico. After moving to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area in the late 1980's, he bought an old drift boat and began his lifelong dream of becoming a professional fishing guide on the Snake and South Fork rivers of Wyoming and Idaho. Three boats and many years later, he is still at it. Feeling the need for more space and bigger fish, Brad move to Pinedale in 2001 and has dedicated thousands of hours to learning the nature of the Green and New Fork river systems.

Always looking for and designing new patterns and techniques, Brad will strive to make a trip in his boat a memory that will last a lifetime. Some of the tactics he uses may seem odd to the experienced fly-fisher, but come with an open mind and he will teach you what he has learned not only as a pro guide, but also from the many hours he spends on the water during his time-off. Husband, father, and grandfather - Brad spends the winter ice fishing for trophy lake trout in our nearby lakes and also working in the auto repair industry as owner of Aspen Automotive. Being an avid river rat, he has the answer to one of the most commonly asked questions, when is the best time on the water? Any time you can!


Brad Hartley - Two Rivers EmporiumMike Davis is a 40 year old Pinedale native who is married and the father of two beautiful children (a 6 and 3 year old). Mike and his wife Jeanne are also expecting a second child in April. His love for fishing began at an early age as he spent most summer days fishing along the banks of Pine Creek. Mike is an avid fly tier and is continually inventing new patterns for our area waters.

A graduate of the University of Wyoming Mike returned to Pinedale in 1998 to teach history and take over the boys basketball program at Pinedale High School.

His zest for flyfishing began at an early age when he was given a rod and real by the legendary Robby Garrett in the late 70s. He has been testing his tippet on the regions abundance of wild trout ever since. Mike will be entering his third season of guiding for Two Rivers.


Tim Scott

Tim Scott spent his summers growing up in Pinedale and stalking trout all over Sublette County. After graduating from the University of Montana (Go Griz!), he started a career in the United States Air Force. Although his duties to took him all over the world Tim continued to call Pinedale home and never missed a chance to return to chase wily trout in our blue ribbon trout streams.

Tim's fishing resume encompasses fishing the west, as well as the northeast US and Alaska. Trout, salmon, grayling, or bass; Tim has chased them all with a fly rod. Tim and his wife Candy now are year around residents of Pinedale. Whether fly-fishing, kayaking or skiing their infectious love of the great outdoors is a pleasure to experience.

Tim takes pride in working with beginner fly fishers and mentoring them to land that first trout. Come fish with him and share the experience of our amazing waters.

Eric Oram

Eric Oram

Eric started fishing not long after he learned to walk, and since then his love for the outdoors and Wyoming’s rivers have come to dominate most of his time. During the winter Eric teaches high school here in Pinedale and coaches basketball and track. Before moving to Pinedale, Eric lived in Cody, Wyoming where he learned to fly fishing on the North Fork, South Fork and Clarks Fork rivers. After high school (Cody Grad: 2000) Eric started tying flies and working as a guide for Big Bear Lodge, where they guided trips into Yellowstone National Park.

After Eric finished playing basketball for the University of Great Falls Montana, he completed his Masters degree at Idaho State University where he meet his beautiful wife, Liz Oram. While in Idaho, Eric began building fly rods to pass the time during the cold winter months, however as soon as an opportunity came to move back to Western Wyoming, they did. Eric continues to live in Pinedale year round and has learned our local waters. Eric’s diversity of fishing skills include casting to sipping trout with size 18 BWO to casting big streamers to meat eating browns when the hatches are over.

Eric’ love for fly fishing and tying new patterns has taken him all over the rocky mt. states searching for wild trout. Eric’s passion is teaching new anglers the skills of the sport and floating our rivers in search of that fish-of-a-lifetime. Come enjoy a day fishing with Eric and experiencing our local fishing opportunities.

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Rusti Christensen

Rusti Christensen

Come spend a day fly fishing with Rusti and you'll know the joy of fly fishing as it is meant to be! She has spent a lifetime enjoying the sport with family and friends and early on became a guide. Her gratitude for life and fun took her on an around the world adventure, serving our great country with the United States Navy. Rusti's gentleness, coupled with her years of experience guiding and her absolute fun nature make spending time with her a reward in itself.


She shares a love of hunting, fishing, water sports, and anything outdoors with her son, Cayden! Her approach to life is best show cased on a day guide, where she gets to impart to those around her, a vast knowledge of the beautiful surroundings, expertise in reeling 'em in, and how to find your own secret fishing spot. If you're curious about the usual fishing bio information like, ‚Where she is from? Who gave her such a love for having fun outdoors? How long she has been fishing or guiding? Where her favorite fishing holes or streams are? Or even, what her favorite fish is?? Give us a call at Two Rivers and book your trip today.


Bryan Lane

Bryan Lane

Bryan was first introduced to fishing by his parents when he was only 3 years old. By the time he turned 5, his father and uncle gave him his own small pack frame and they set off on many backpack fishing adventures in the High Sierra Mountains of California/Nevada. Bryan was “hooked” and has been an avid fisherman ever since. Just after graduating high school he followed his passion and accepted a job working for the California Department of Fish & Game working in wildlife and fisheries management. While working for Fish & Game, he also worked at various hunting and gun clubs as a guide for upland game and waterfowl hunters of all levels of experience. After guiding and working for Fish & Game for 14 years, Bryan decided to move to the Pinedale area in 2006. After moving to Wyoming, Bryan continued to guide hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling clients throughout local mountain ranges and waters. Bryan enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping, and boating) with his wife and daughter.

Katie Lane

Katie Lane

Having grown up in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Alaska, and Oregon), combined with a career in biology of over 20 years, Katie has had the opportunity to spend her entire life exploring the outdoors and fishing many incredible streams. Katie recalls many fond childhood memories of hopping from one fishing hole to the next in search of feisty brookies and rainbows, with her only parental instruction being that she had to be back in time for dinner. Katie eventually moved to the Pinedale area with her husband, Bryan, in 2006 and has been enjoying hunting and fishing in the local mountain ranges and waters ever since. Katie shares her enthusiasm for the outdoors with her husband and daughter; fishing the area year-round.

Emily Burstad

Emily Burstad

Emily Burstad comes from a Minnesotan family, but grew up in Rock Springs Wyoming. Her first fishing experiences were ice fishing and trolling on the Flaming Gorge Dam. During college she worked summers as a whitewater guide in the Wind River Canyon near Thermopolis Wyoming. This is where she honed her rowing and fly fishing skills. Later she moved to Lander, Wyoming and worked for the Lander Llama Company as a hiking and fishing guide and became a very experienced Llama wrangler. Emily spent most of her childhood summers in Pinedale at her parent’s cabin, and looked for any opportunity to return to the Pinedale area. Emily joined the guide staff at Two Rivers Emporium where she was able to use all of her skills to provide a wonderful outdoor recreational experience for a multitude of individuals from all over the country. Emily enjoys introducing individuals to the wonderful physical attributes of Sublette County and feels very fortunate to live in this part of the State where there so many outstanding fishing, hiking and hunting opportunities.

Elizabeth "Betty" Boehm

Elizabeth Boehm

Elizabeth “Betty” Boehm has been a lifelong nature enthusiast. Her birding interest started as a child growing up in Illinois farm country where opportunities to explore the local fields, woods and rivers abounded. After high school, she spent a summer working in Yellowstone National Park. Since then she has remained in the intermountain west spending another six summers in Yellowstone and numerous summers in the mountains of Utah. She now spends her free time exploring the Upper Green River Basin and the Wind River Mountains.

An avid bird watcher, photographer and hiker, Betty enjoys the public land western Wyoming has to offer. She has taken numerous classes and workshops on birds, wildflowers and photography associated with the Greater Yellowstone Area. Her free time is spent hiking with her binoculars and camera, always seeking a new and unique image in her viewfinder. Her emphasis recently is searching for owls. “A birdwatcher has to look long and hard to find the various species of owls and the success ratio is low, but so much more is noticed in the natural world by searching with such intensity.”

Betty has lived in Pinedale, Wyoming for over ten years. She organizes and tallies the local Audubon Chapter’s annual Christmas bird count. Her photography is displayed in personal collections around the world and she has been published in numerous magazines and books.