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Two Rivers Emporium has long been known for leading high quality fly fishing expeditions on the many outstanding streams which flow out of the Wind River and Wyoming Mountain ranges. These river systems—the Green and New Fork— provide a wonderful setting for viewing songbirds, raptors, waterfowl and other wildlife, as well as for catching wild trout. Many of our clients who fish private waters with us also enjoy viewing the feathered and hoofed wildlife, which prompted us to develop a half day bird watching expedition as a complement to our many fly fishing excursions.


Sage GrouseSo grab your binoculars and camera and enjoy a morning of birding with a local bird expert. The pronghorn, deer, moose and other wildlife you may encounter on this tour will be an added bonus. The Upper Green River Basin has a variety of Great Horned Owlhabitats to explore for birds, from the spruce/fir forests of the Wind River Mountains to the cottonwood/willow of the riparian areas along the New Fork and Green Rivers. Waterfowl are plentiful, including Barrow's Goldeneye, Cinnamon Teal, and possibly the elegant Trumpeter Swan. Sandhill Cranes nest in many local wetlands. Raptors including Northern Harriers, Swainson's Hawks, Ferruginous Hawks, and Golden Eagles soar overhead. The Sagebrush complex offers another group of notable birds including the Greater Sage Grouse, Brewer's Sparrow, and Sage Thrasher. The mature aspen groves in the foothills of the mountains are home to a number of woodpeckers and passerines, including spectacularly colorful species like the Mountain Bluebird, Western Tanager, Lazuli Bunting, and several warblers. With a little luck we might even spot one of our seldom-seen species of owls, or watch the aerial acrobatics of a nighthawk.


Mountain BluebirdYour guide (see Trips & Our Guides) is a naturalist intimately familiar with the local birding scene who can tailor your trip to your level of birdwatching experience, from absolute beginner to seasoned birder. For beginners, the trip will include many tips on improving your birding skills, such as taking in the entire habitat, bird signs, and identifying bird songs and calls. With emphasis placed on birding, we will also identify wildflowers and observe the abundant wildlife of the area. Early morning hours will be utilized to take advantage of the best bird activity. Participants should be able to casually walk approximately one mile off trail. Boots or waders (which we can provide) are recommended for the riparian areas, along with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and insect repellent. Snacks and beverages will be served during the trip to keep our energy level high. Each birding trip can be personalized to suit the physical abilities and the desires of the participants. This is a great introduction to the variety of bird life that can be found here in Sublette County!!




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Great Fishing Trip – Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

"Our two guided fishing trips with Mike were spectacular. He matched private water to our skill level so we had access to unspoiled nature at its finest. (The bird-watching was also great!) Mike goes out of his way to make our trips fun, relaxing and productive. We can't wait to go again."

By user "dmclong" from Rocklin, CA

"I had a fabulous spring birding tour of Sublette County with Elizabeth. We walked through the woods to see and hear ruffed grouse drumming, found branching great horned and long-eared owlets at spots Elizabeth had discovered, saw a great variety of shorebirds and waterfowl, and watched magnificent raptors, including a short-eared owl, soaring above the rocky outcrops near the highway. Over sixty species of birds in one afternoon. Elizabeth knows every stretch of the county, and is passionate about birds, knowledgeable about habitat and easy to spend time with. Check out her magnificent photographs."

Jane Lester, Seattle, Washington

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